Application for K1 Admissions 2022/2023 School Year


  • Children born between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019


By Mail Only:

  • Please write to us at 5-7 Dorset Crescent, Kowloon Tong and provide the following documents on or before October 7, 2021


  1. Child’s birth certificate photocopy (write your contact telephone number on the upper right-hand corner);
  2. a stamped HK$5 self-addressed long envelope (up to 245mm x 165mm)
  3. a crossed cheque of HK$40 payable to “Kentville Kindergarten” for application fee (your child’s name and contact telephone number written on the back of the cheque);
  4. photocopy of relevant documentation showing your child has approval from the Director of Immigration to reside and study in Hong Kong if he/she is born outside of Hong Kong; and,
  5. write on the lower right of the envelope, “Request for K1 Application”


Please kindly note the following:

  • if you are applying for twins, please send all the required documents for both child in one letter;
  • please be patient and allow for approximately three weeks for processing;
  • $40 Application fee is non-transferable and non-refundable;
  • applications postmarked after October 7, 2021 will not be processed.  In the event of dispute (lost mail, missed deadline etc.), you will be asked to provide proof of your mailing record.  We recommend you use registered mail or local courier service.
  • “Applicant Video”: we invite parents to share a video of your child in a natural setting engaged in parent-child activities (e.g. parent-child reading, playing, toys, games, etc.)  Please guide your child to say his/her name and age.  Please note:

           - video should be 1.5 to 2 minutes only (in MP4 or WMVor MOV format / file size less than 500 MB);

           - language can be in mother tongue;

           - a home-made video that is well-lit and have clear audible sound is acceptable.   There is no need

             for special effects, lots of editing, or a professional produced video.

           - to protect the applicant’s privacy, your video will only be viewed by our authorized personnel.  

             We suggest you first prepare this video.  We will provide specific upload instructions at a later 

             date when we mail the application form to you.

  • Kentville Kindergarten is a Private Independent Kindergarten and we do not participate in Hong Kong SAR “Free QualityKindergarten Education ”Scheme.






  • 「初班」: 2018年10月1日至2019年9月30日出生者



  • 請於2021年10月7日或之前郵寄以下文件到九龍塘多實街5-7號索取報名表:
  1. 考生的出生證明書副本(請在右上角寫上聯絡電話);
  2. 一個已貼上HK$5郵資的長回郵信封(尺寸不超過245毫米 x 165毫米);
  3. 一張抬頭「根德園幼稚園」的HK$40劃線支票(支票背後請註明考生姓名及聯絡電話);
  4. 請於信封面右下角註明「索取K1報名表」;
  5. 若考生在香港以外地區出生,請提供由入境事務署署長批准在港居留及就讀的有關證明文件副本。



  • 若雙生兒同時申請,請將兩位小朋友的文件放於同一信封內一併寄出
  • 報名表約於三星期內寄回給家長,請耐心等候;
  • HK$40報名費是不可轉讓及恕不發還;
  • 2021年10月7日後的申請將不獲處理(以郵戳作準)。學校建議家長使用掛號或速遞形式索取報名表。如有爭拗,家長需出示郵遞證明以便處理。
  • 「考生短片」:短片分享的內容可以是父母與孩子於親子活動的視頻(例如:親子閱讀、玩玩具、遊戲等),請引導孩子說出他/她的名字和年齡。


           - 片長約一分半至兩分鐘(必須為 MP4、 WMV或 MOV 影片格式/檔案大小於500MB內);

           - 可用母語拍攝影片;

           - 短片著重小朋友自然的一面,無需特別效果、大量編輯或專業製作,家長請留意拍攝時光線充足,收音清晰;

           - 為保障考生私隱,提交的短片只有獲本校授權人士才可觀看。


  • 根德園幼稚園是一所私立獨立幼稚園,本校沒有參與香港政府「免費優質幼稚園教育計劃」。