請家長耐心等候,如在2019年10月25日後仍未收到申請表,可致電2338 8337校務處查詢。在2019年10月25日前,恕我們不會處理有關查詢。


Request for 2020/21 SY K1 admission application form has been closed.

K1 interviews are scheduled to take place from November 2 to 4, 2019.


We will mail the application form and the interview details to parents on/before October 21, 2019. Your child’s interview date and time will be listed on the application form. Please complete the application form and prepare relevant documents in advance and come for the interview according to the date and time listed on the application form. Please note that ONE parent can accompany your child to the interview.


Thank you for your patience. If you have not received the application form after October 25, 2019, please contact the School Office at 2338 8337. Kindly note that we will not process such enquiries until October 25, 2019.