Admissions (招生)

 1) K1 Admissions

     Detailed information about K1 admissions for 2020/2021 SY will be posted on this Website on October 1, 2019





      Year of Entry K1                                       Date of Birth

      2020/2021 SY                             October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017

      2021/2022 SY                             October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018


      K1入學年度                                                   出生日期 

      2020/2021 SY                             2016年10月1日 - 2017年9月30日

      2021/2022 SY                             2017年10月1日 - 2018年9月30日


2) K1 & K2 Mid-Year Entry For 2019/2020 SY & K2 Entry For 2020/2021 SY



     For 2019/2020 SY, there are no places available at this time.



     If you wish to apply, please send letter to Kentville Kindergarten, Office of Admissions,

     5-7 Dorset Crescent,  Kowloon Tong with the following information:

     Requested date of entry

     Personal details, address and telephone

     Birth certificate copy

     Current Report card







3) Pre- Nursery Classes & K3 Entry

    None available